Webinar: Leveraging Automation and AI in Marketing

with Wayne Stanley from Bowe Digital

How can title and real estate companies use the latest marketing technology?

We've all received those eerily timed Facebook ads or emails with the offer on a product our friends were discussing during lunch. While some suspect their phones are spying on them, the culprit is more likely to be a well-planned and executed marketing strategy using automation and artificial intelligence. 

Many of these emerging technologies have been used in various industries to engage buyers for years. We're also seeing more application in the title and real estate industry. 

During this webinar, Wayne Stanley explains:

  • The differences between automation and AI 
  • How both are being used in the real world 
  • Emerging applications of each technology in the title industry
  • What three things you need to do to get started

⬇️ Download the presentation here! 

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